Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Brian's Triumph
Here's a quick offer of appeasement to all you petrolheads who keep visiting this site in the hope of reading something about internal combustion engines and don't give a monkey's about horrible bugs, extraterrestrials and err, monkeys. Brian, an old school chum from the UK recently sent me this photo of his restored 1958 500cc Triumph T100. Classic ageless lines and quite fabulous. Peerless in its time and still a bloody good machine by any standards. Brian, I'm quite envious.

Actually Brian always had a knack of finding good bikes. I seem to remember he had a very decent 200cc Francis-Barnett when I was still fiddling around with my poxy BSA Bantam and later had a 650cc AJS when I was riding around, in between breakdowns, on a 350cc Ariel (this latter machine will be the topic of a future post). He obviously hasn't lost his touch.

No more blogging for today: my creative writing energies will be confined to grant writing...



Scaryduck said...


We went to the tradtional Poole-Weymouth vintage run this weekend. You would have loved it.

Mad Dog said...

I'm sure I would, Weymouth is one of my favourite places ever. A million years ago I nearly took a PhD placement at the fisheries place there.

Oh to be in England, now that April's (nearly) here...