Saturday, August 28, 2004

Linking and Google Bombing

This post is just a brief experiment. I've been wondering just how people accomplish "Google Bombing" and then it struck me that this can be accomplished by creating multiple links in their blogs. So here's one about my rally exploits on the Bill Richards Racing website. I'll say more about BRR in future postings but for the purpose of seeing how this posting handles the link, this will suffice for now.

Family Triumphs

At the risk of bragging, this has been a good month for the Morrow family. First of all my daughter, Olivia, won Gold and Bronze medals at the US Rowing championships in Indianapolis. Then following a visit to Cambridge, UK, she decided to go there for postgraduate work after she graduates from the University of Washington in 2006; overall she is very fired up on the academic front.

However the last week has seen my brother's family shine. He lives in the UK and has five offspring. First of all the eldest son, Richard, secured his place at the London School of Economics following good A level results (A levels are something like a combination of high school graduation and SATs). He's going to study human geography. I've no idea what this is but suspect it's economics by another name. The LSE is one of the world's best business schools so we are all delighted.

Yesterday the second oldest, Hannah (16), got her GCSE results: 8 A* and 2 A. She's going to do Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology at A level and is committed to go to medical school and is already plotting her applications.

The Morrow Gang with Daughter & Heir, Olivia 

The younger children have also been doing very well. Today Christopher won the under 8s AND under 9s classes at the Gloucester County tennis championships. Matthew was runner up in the finals of the (under 11s?). James has been recruited to play football (soccer) for Gloucester Town juniors. I'm very proud of everybody and am savouring the moment.



P.S. Note to diehard readers (ha!), these pictures have been added retrospectively, now that I've figured out the photo hosting trick.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Classic rallying

Alright I know I'm a bit slow but I've figured out that I'll have to post a photo from a PC so I'll do it on a friend's machine when I get a moment.

Today is the last Friday in August. I think that in Seattle at least the dog days of summer have passed. This year has flown by although september promises to be very exciting -more on this later.

I'll put political commentary on hold for awhile. Today I'm trying to keep one of my hobbies, namely classic rallying, on track. I campaign a 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S. The car lives in England. I'm planning to compete in the Monte Carlo Historique rally in January 2005. Although this is not my first time on this event, I'm always astonished at the preparation that is necessary. Currently I'm concerned that two valuable Lucas spotlights that were sent off for restoration have gone missing. This will involve some detective work with UPS. If I can decorate this site with all kinds of photos I'll post pictures of the car. The MC Historique is the biggest and most prestigious event of all the classic car rallys held worldwide and I'll post a running commentary on our preparations and possibly a log from the event itself (assuming I can find wireless internet access in remote regions of France). However that's all a long way off....

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Posting photos

OK, I'm getting the hang of site creation but I knew it was going to be trickier than I thought. Especially with Mercury in retrograde. I've just tried to add a photograph but immediately ran into problems. It seems Blogger uses an ancillary program known as "Hello" to host photos. I've just tried to download it but it only comes in PC format. So my first political comment is to ask why Windows still seems to rule the world (just joking, I know the answer; please don't deluge me with the pros and cons of differnt operating systems etc). So can anyone advise me on how to get around this problem when using a Mac?

Here we go..

I'm a little anxious about this blog thing. I don't know where it's going to lead but I thought I'd have a go. So I'm going to start with just an introductory sentence or two as I build the site. So I'm going to post this comment and see how it looks. Watch this space...