Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MC Rallye 2005: More Photographs

I've just received a new clutch of excellent photos from Jim (our intrepid service manager) in Luxembourg. They capture some of the excitement of the high speed roadside services (bad news from your Navigator: Jim, Juliette, Steffan and Bill -listen everyone, in 2006 we will need to be even slicker as the ACM seem to be reducing road time on each event and some of the time controls were very tight). Anyway here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Monte Historique PRX720B077

Monte Historique PRX720B059

Monte Historique PRX720B042

Monte Historique PRX720B020

Monte Historique PRX720B019

Monte Historique PRX720B018

Monte Historique PRX720B015


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