Monday, April 14, 2008

Life: Tires and Exhausts

A Zanzibar beach

No, this post has nothing to do with cars. It's a reflection on my state of mind. I'm once again ready for a vacation. Deadlines of various types, including rallying, have taken their toll and I'm dreaming of heading off to foreign parts with a pile of books and no computer (sort of although I'll add a qualification to that comment on another occasion). September, which is a long way off, is a possibility and I'm looking at the calendar. I'm also poking around at Expedia and wondering if I really could make it to the Spice Islands...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monte Carlo Historique Rallye 2008: The Complete Concert

Mini 2008 B&W

It now seems like an age since I was rallying however I’m still getting interested enquiries. So below is a collection of my reports in chronological order. Enjoy!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Other Blogs

I've added a few more entertaining blogs in the sidebar. The astute reader might notice an increasing number of sites based in the Emerald Isle -I think this reflects my increasing interest in the land of my fathers (actually my Father and Mother). Here's a summary:

Andrew Goulding
A view of the world from Down Under.

Bock the Robber
I’d love to go drinking with this guy.

Chuck Goolsbee
Great site from an unapologetic petrolhead, Jaguar fan and resident of the Seattle area. Oh, and I am going drinking with him.

Recently back after a two year hiatus (and still gets nearly 4000 hits per day).

Green Ink
Excellent site from the Emerald Isle.

Inside View
More Irishness…

Little House in Ise
A Seattlite training in aikido in Tokyo

LOL Cats
Frivolous and terminally cute (sorry, Ohara but I can’t resist this one).

Shite Drivers
I need to go drinking with this guy too; don't worry we'll get taxis home!

The Postman
Lovely photos of Ireland.