Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In the News

Well no sideboard-ware for Mad Dog in the recent 2005 Bloggies. But then the site wasn't public during the voting period in January. Next year I'm going to ask you for nominations and your votes for one of these much-coveted awards, assuming of course that I can still think of topics to write about and do so in an engaging manner...

On Dan Rather_1
Last week the legendary Dan Rather retired from his position as anchorman on CBS news after exactly 24 years in the hotseat and four decades in journalism. I had my own 15 seconds of fame around 1985 when I appeared on his program(me) commenting on some topic to do with AIDS; I believe it was concerning the discovery of an HIV-related disease in monkeys. Anyway I've dug out a picture of yours truly in said interview, taken directly from the TV. I look young, thyrotoxic and uncomfortable (possibly at the shock of having to wear a tie in the lab).


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