Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Two weddings

Now this may get me hate mail…

The upcoming Royal Wedding seems to have caught the attention of the Great British Public (GBP), if not that of the Queen. I read from the BBC website that Camilla Parker-Bowles will legally be entitled to be addressed as “Queen” should Charlie boy ever ascend to the throne following their marriage. Apparently a law will have to be passed to ensure that she is kept in her place and known as “Princess Consort”. Furthermore 45% of the voting public believe that Camilla should not be Queen vs. only 42% who don’t care.

Now, really -what is this all about (I struggle to remain polite)? I thought we’d all been bored to tears by the Royal Family after their antics over the past decade or so. You’d think that the GBP would have more to worry about than what the title of their possibly future Monarch’s wife will be. Like why they are paying Andrew’s helicopter bills (it cost £325,000 to fly him to golf courses last year) or for Harry to go drinking, smoking, brawling etc. Incidentally is it only me that wonders why Harry doesn’t look anything like Charles but bears more than a striking resemblance to that rotter James Hewitt? Don’t mention DNA tests, anybody!

Now my own view is that the pair should get hitched and try to live a normal life. They should have done it ages ago instead of trying, and probably failing, to appease those who held this view or that. I suspect that Camilla is really living in Diana’s shadow and the public doesn’t approve of her because (i) she is doesn’t have the latter’s looks and (ii) she is blamed for her unhappiness and demise. Come on everybody, let’s get a grip. Let these people live their lives. In any case it seems that C P-B is a straightforward, practical woman and may contribute a bit of common sense to the Windsor family. Or, not. Now please excuse me as I’m being overcome with weariness as I write… zzzzz, zzzzz.


PS. The “Two Weddings…” poster is from the excellent Beau Bo D’Or site and used with permission. Thanks, Neil.


gilly said...

Couldn't agree more. The poor chap deserves a little normal happiness. And all this nonsense about Diana. The poor woman has been dead for years so regardless of all the mess that went before there is no reason why he shouldn't have another chance. I hope they'll be really happy

Mad Dog said...

Must agree. I'm weary of all this Camilla bashing on the grounds that she's ugly. Charles is no oil painting even though he seems to have had his ears fixed. BTW did you know that "We lack real aplomb, sir" is an anagram of Camilla Parker-Bowles? -this and other scatological offerings can be viewed at

zoe said...

i reckon that the camilla-bashing will go on for a while yet and it's only natural that people will bash her with what they see first: her 'looks'.

my belief is that people are angry that this didn't happen 30 years ago. diana would still be alive and charles and camilla will probably be divorced - the windsor's don't seem to have much luck in love.

re: prince brat - it's a dead cert that he's hewitt's son. looks and character say it all.