Saturday, March 12, 2005

Top 10 Ugly Cars

I’m taking a cue from a recent article by the excellent Ray and Tom Magliozzi ,aka “Click and Clack, -the Tappet Brothers" (note to non-US readers, these guys host a hilarious car phone-in programme on National Public Radio). Anyway they recently did a feature on ugly cars. This got me thinking that there really are some dreadful looking pieces of automotive machinery for sale in America right now. And I don’t mean merely lackluster in the style department but God-Awful designs that are so irredeemably heinous I totally fail to understand why anyone buys them in the first place. Anyway here’s my own list:

10. Scion xB: This has got to be a joke,right?!
9. BMW M3 Coupe: Looks like a Honda Civic without the charisma.
8. Lamborghini (all models): Ferrucio Lamborghini started his commercial career building tractors: a pity he didn’t stay doing this…
7. Pontiac Aztek: What was the GM thinking when they knocked this thing up? A Friday afternoon design if ever there was one. The can’t spell either.
6. Dodge Magnum: a hearse on acid AND steroids.
5. Cadillac (all models): Extraordinarily horrible coachwork that ruins otherwise quite impressive vehicles.
4. Chrysler 3000: Clueless!
3. Chevrolet Avalanche: The epitome of everything that’s wrong with the American automobile industry.
2. Cadillac Escalade: the ultimate pimp machine -needs its own oil well.
1. Hummer: This idiotic thing has the aerodynamics of a shed but without the handling ability. Arnold Schwarzenegger has several which I believe says it all…

Now to be fair I should add a few caveats. First, this is not intended to be a rant against SUVs, -it’s just that some of these types of vehicles are particularly hideous. Second, I’m only talking about styling/appearance and not performance or capabilities (mostly). Third, apologies to European readers but I don’t have personal photos of these cars and if I swipe them from the manufacturers’ sites they will undoubtedly sue me. So if you don’t know what any of these vehicles look like, just Google them.

Watch out for top 10 best cars soon.


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