Tuesday, March 22, 2005

On Drugs?

Professional money raising activities, otherwise known as grant writing, are currently cramping my blogging style but the quest for the filthy lucre is never-ending, unfortunately. So today’s post is going to be brief and the first in an occasional series on signs and quirky roadside objects. Nothing that will tax the intellect.

So, I used to live in San Diego, California. In the 1980s this was a pleasant seaside town where surfers, sailors and biotechnologists co-existed quite peacefully. On a recent visit, I was shocked to observe that it had turned into an overdeveloped, gridlocked, smog-bound hell-hole. What a shame. Even my favorite road sign had disappeared and been replaced with something much more sensible. Fortunately I managed to get a photograph of the original a few years back. So voila…!

Cruise ships
Remember this sign is on the freeway; Heaven knows what San Diegans are on if they expect to see cruise ships steaming past en route to the airport!


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