Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ageing Process

One of the correlates of encroaching geriatric numptitude is when one tries to drop a piece of rubbish vertically and at point blank range into a trash can and the said item of detritus misses. This has happened to me twice already today! Sad!  So I felt duly inspired to write a piece on ageing only to find that my daughter had just beaten me to it.  Probably a familial telepathy thing.  However there is no doubt that she completely outclasses me in terms of capturing the essence of the process.  Consider:

"If you're 97 and you die on the dance floor in Ibiza because you sniffed too much cocaine at a foam party, you're forever a legend. If you do the same thing at age 22 you're unlucky at best, and most likely a moron."

What more can I say? Molto bene!

Read the whole thing here at Viv la Liv.