Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Site for Sore Eyes: Modifications and Upgrades

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Now that I've gone public on this blog I seem to have a truly international readership which is both gratifying and a little scary. I feel under pressure to keep the site looking fresh and entertaining. For devotees I would like to highlight the following changes (hopefully improvements) that I've made in the last few days:

• The title of the blog has been changed from the rather prosaic "Miscellaneous musings..." to "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" which is possibly more charismatic. Needless to say the Mad Dog reference is to our rally team as well as the occasional behavioural tendencies of the author (who is technically Irish). In any case apologies are proffered to Flanders and Swan. I'm wondering if I can get the logo modified to Mad Dog Blogging...?

• I'm in the process of putting a number of hypertext links to sites that readers might find useful in the sidebar.

• Likewise I'm linking to other blogs which I find entertaining. Some are overtly political and I make no apologies for this although I have tried to select a number of balanced views and opinions. This process is ongoing and I'm definitely getting better at manipulating HTML code.

• I've registered the site with various blog rings, purely for the purpose of self-aggrandisment.

• There is now a voting device to grade the site. You can press buttons on a scale of 1-10. A 1 being a miserable piece of excressence and a waste of pixels to a 10 which means I'm probably a candidate for a Pulitzer Prize. Please vote frequently from multiple computers (registering different IP addresses). Lucrative inducements will be offered to those ranking me as a 10.

• Mad Dog merchandise should be available in the not-too-distant future.

• And as I've said before, suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received.


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