Friday, April 01, 2005

Mad Max

Mad Max

I came across this optional extra a few years ago. Apparently Police in Oulu, Finland, dreamed up this idea after being given the run around by boy racers and aspiring rally drivers once too often. It's a deployable harpoon that can be fitted to police cars. The idea is that in a chase, the telescopic "carpoon" as it's known, can be swung out and fired into the rear of the fleeing vehicle. It looks like something straight out of a Mad Max movie. Barbs in the device ensure that the cars remain connected: the concept is a bit like a solid towbar but in reverse. The police car then slows to a halt, forcing the errant vehicle to slow with it. Apparently tear gas can be pumped into the criminal car if necessary.

Now I can see a few problems with the thing, like what happens if there is a hostage in the boot/trunk? Or what if the criminal has a more powerful car than the police car. Some amusing scenarios can be envisaged. I suspect the Carpoon never gained widespread acceptance. A pity. I wouldn't mind one for myself. I have a nice little fantasy about what I'll do to the next little git in a VW Jetta who cuts me up... (laughs maniacally)



Webmiztris said...

oooh, I want one of those too!!

actually if EVERYONE had one, I think there'd be a lot more courteous drivers on the road!!

Mystic mog said...

I like that ! You could harpoon a white van on the motorway and save on fuel all the way up (and save time too as they seem to get away with warp speed

Brom said...

One wonders about the effects of the recoil, specially if you were stationary with someone behind you. Neat gadget all the same!!