Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Opera -Continued: Marketing Opportunities

ebay screen shot2
Just a short post today, pressure of work and all that.

I was going to comment again on the selection of Benedict XVI but SaneScientist has voiced precisely my own concerns eloquently and ascerbically.

Despite predicting, half in jest, in my previous post that relics of the Pope JP II would end up on eBay, I note that that there are already 402 items listed under "Pope Benedict". Some people will not pass up on a marketing opportunity. That's capitalism for you, I suppose.

In addition I found that the website domain name: "" is up for auction by someone in Canada. The starting bid is $100,000 and the Buy It Now price is $250,000. What chuztpah! Personally I'd think very carefully about the Swiss Guard and the Mafia before trying to pull a fast one on the Vatican. Remember what happened to "God's Banker" Roberto Calvi.


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