Thursday, April 21, 2005

Religious Fervour

Well religion seems to be the topic of the week. Or at least the psycho commercial aspects of it. Consider the following:

Last year some commercially-inclined genius managed to flog a ten year old toasted cheese sandwich claiming it resembled the face of the Virgin Mary. If I were the VM I'd sue for libel. Anyway she managed to get $28,000 for it indicating that either (i) there is one born every minute or (ii) I should review carefully my Sunday activities.

The auction of the domain name is now up to $2751.99.

Now, in Chicago people are flocking to a motorway off ramp to look at some kind of stain resembling the Virgin Mary. This theophillic hysteria is beyond me. Before some clever dick finds a way of hawking this piece of freeway furniture I'd like ask if anyone has heard of graffitti? Or watermarks?

I'd better get to work as I swear the accumulated paper on my desk is taking the shape of St. Antony (patron saint of Lost Articles). Offers anyone?


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