Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Diana's Ghost


I know other bloggers (notably Zoe, Scaryduck and Vicus Scurra) have covered this already but being the predictable old plodder I am, I'm going to comment anyway. It seems that the Royal Wedding is being haunted by the ghost of Diana, and Charles at least is having an annus horribilis. Consider:

• First the Queen refuses to attend the wedding
• Then Prince Philip announces he can't come either because of trip to Germany
• The Great British Public is miffed because poor Camilla will legally become Queen unless a law is passed to the contrary
• Charles is caught on microphone slagging off the BBC's Nicholas "I sat on a lesbian" Witchell
• Now it seems Camilla will be Princess of Wales into the bargain (a bad April Fool's joke if ever there was one)
• The Wedding is postponed due to the death of Pope John Paul
• The wedding souvenirs industry goes into a tailspin because the date printed on the paraphernalia is out by one day
• Charles is repeatedly referred to as a "Horse Shagger" by mean spirited bloggers
• To top it all it seems the bloody wedding will now clash with the Grand National (there are too many horse references here for my liking) -I suppose Charles should be grateful it isn't the FA Cup Final but does anybody really care? At least a fortune in taxpayers money won't be spent filming the event in Windsor Registry Office.

What else can go wrong? The way things are going I would say quite a lot. Heaven knows, you couldn't make this stuff up. I suspect that Diana is laughing herself silly in the Great-Palace-in-the-Sky...


P.S. Thanks again to the superb Beau Bo d'Or site for the poster.

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