Friday, October 17, 2008

Travels in Zanzibar, Part IV: Diving

A particular highspot on my jaunt to Zanzibar was learning to SCUBA dive and I'm very proud of the fact that I'm now a PADI-certified Open Water Diver. Diving has been a fascination since my early childhood when I used to beg to stay up late to watch Lloyd Bridges in Seahunt. But for any number of reasons I'd never got around to trying it in my youth. Cold water was always a deterrent and also a fear of Kraken and other such monsters of the deep. But in the 28°C crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean it was impossible to find an excuse. The photos here are from my final dive: investigating the wreck of a British cable laying ship, the Great Northern, that went down off Stonetown on New Year's eve, 1902. The remains of the ship have formed a magnificent artificial reef and it's a popular site for diving expeditions. Thanks to divemaster, Yannis, for some of the pics.

MD geared up: the equipment is heavy and in addition I carried 8Kg of lead weights to achieve negative buoyancy

Going down...

Continuing the descent -note left hand on the buoyancy control button

The hull of the Great Northern appears

The shipwreck has formed an artificial reef

Unknown creature
"Name the creature" competition. I've no idea what it is but it's very well camouflaged. Any ideas, Chuck...?

Iron ship parts and debris was everywhere

Follow the leader
Our dive party plays follow the leader through the wreckage

Pipe fish
Pipe fish

Party fish
Party fish

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