Sunday, October 12, 2008

Travels in Zanzibar, Part I: Stonetown

A picture may be worth a thousand words and photoblogging is considerably easier than writing so here's the first episode of my Zanzibar adventure. Stonetown is the capital of Zanzibar and has a special charm. Its muddled warren of narrow streets have been designated a World Heritage site and Freddie Mercury was born here. Take a look around:

Stonetown port II
Stonetown Port

Sultans palace
The Sultan's Palace: the cannon weren't much use against a British naval bombardment in 1896 which has become known as the "40 minute war"

Stonetown roofscape: the towers in the background are a Catholic cathedral -several major religions are represented here
Roofscape: the towers in the background are a Catholic cathedral: several major religions are represented here.

Roofscape 2
African, Indian and Arabic influences are evident throughout the city.

Colonial doorway: to this day Zanzibaris are amazing carvers, carpenters and woodcraftsmen

Livingstone plaque
Dr Livingstone, I presume?

Stonetown prison

Barack Obama enjoys tremendous popularity here; I didn't see any stickers for Sarah Palin, though.

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