Monday, October 27, 2008

OK By Me!

Last week I had occasion to be Tucson, Arizona. Now for those of you not resident in the US, I should point out that this area used to be frontier territory and in many ways still is. Devotees of this site will have noted my fascination with the Wild West and I was fortunate to have sufficient time (thanks, Ram) to visit the legendary town of Tombstone, site of the OK Corral and its infamous gunfight as well as Boot Hill cemetery. Tombstone today is something of a western theme park with many of the locals still dressing the part and going around tooled up like John Wayne. All in all the visit was fairly harmless fun: here's a few pictures for your perusal:

The site of the gunfight, 127 years ago

The outcome was brutal with only Wyatt Earp escaping unscathed

Pistol Pete
This gentleman was making a point!

MD needs boots, hat and a gunbelt to avoid looking like a tourist

Bullet hole
This really is the wild west: this truck has a real, large calibre, bullet hole in its door and you will note that the bullet has been fired from inside. Heaven only knows what constitutes entertainment out here...

Cactus at sunset
The saguaro cactus is Arizona's signature desert plant and has a very striking profile, particularly at sunset

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