Saturday, October 25, 2008

Leaving this Town

Scott's Sufferance Wharf (right side), St. Saviour's Dock, London, SE1

Hard to believe that it's seven years to the day since I left my cozy flat in London's docklands (above) and a nice secure academic job to return to the USA. My motivation for a second stint (the first was 1982-1992) in America was a complex mix of personal and professional reasons. Chapter Two in the US has been very different from the first and I may elaborate at some point. Some of the issues I intended to address back in 2001 have now been resolved but for others it's still a matter of "work in progress". In any case the past seven years have been an interesting ride and demonstrated to me that we are always on life's learning curve. My entire career seems to have progressed in units of either five or ten years and I'm tempted to speculate what will happen when I've reached the end of this current decade in c2011/2012. But then maybe that's premature...?

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