Friday, January 09, 2009

Musical Interlude: Sound Familiar?

My life story: 40 years of "Getting my motor running..."

It's very strange. I must have blinked and missed something. Like the past 40 years. Has it really been that long since I sat in a cinema in Leicester Sq., London, and watched Easy Rider? Apparently the answer is yes. Anyway in a moment of unashamed nostalgia I was listening to the movie soundtrack the other day and in doing so noticed something curious. Specifically this track from the album, a song by The Blues Magoos written in 1967 caught my ear:

Sound familiar? Maybe? Then listen to this track by Deep Purple:

Black Knight was a hit for the band in 1970; you can do the maths. Now I've commented on DP's apparent use of other artists' material in the past. But on this occasion things may not be as they seem. Listen to this 1962 rendition of Summertime by Ricky Nelson:

I suppose there's not much new under the sun: that bass riff has certainly been around for some time and it's a really great one, too...

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