Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Music Blogging: Deep Purple

Ah, the heady days of the late 60's. Deep Purple were one of the first groups I saw live. I was a student at Guildford Tech and I believe they played Guildford Civic Hall with one of their early line ups, c1968. I've loved them ever since. But how they avoided getting their arses sued off by this piece of shameless plagiarism I'll never know.

P.S. The question of authorship of DP's "Sweet Child in Time" song is really quite curious. For a long time I've been of the view that the band plagiarised "Bombay Calling" by San Francisco-based band It's a Beautiful Day as per my video link above. However since posting earlier today I've done a bit more digging and the story becomes more intriguing. Apparently the song was written by one Vince Wallace 1n 1962 (7 years before DP got their fingers on it) who played briefly with IABD leader David LaFlamme and taught him the song. Wallace claims that LaFlamme stole the song from him and now, 45 years later, is still pretty irked about the matter as you can see here and here (scroll to bottom of page). Talk about a parcel of rogues...

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