Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Horsepower

Engine tuning guru Bill Richards tries to coax more horsepower out of our car

On our rally reconnaissance route in December I was reminded of the beauty of rural France and its wide diversity of flora and fauna. Here is some of the wildlife we observed en route:

  • Eagles (x2 -magnificent)
  • Hawks (multiple)
  • Rat (several)
  • Shrew/vole (x1)
  • Pine Martin (x2 -might have been Alpine Marmots)
  • Mountain sheep (a whole family with bells -poetic)
  • Deer (x2)
  • Hare (x1)
  • Rabbits (several)
  • Wolf (x1 -exciting)
  • Wild boar (x1, deceased; apparently hit by car -distressing)
  • Pony in middle of road, miles from anywhere, with no apparent owner (x1)
  • Random dog, off leash in middle road, miles from anywhere with no apparent owner (x29; a peculiar French phenomenon)
  • Random person walking/standing in road, miles from anywhere (x17 -comments as for random dog)
I mention this now because there will be no time for sightseeing next month!

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