Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rallying Again

Merde 2
Bill observing that the tracking is a bit out after PRX 720B's flirtation with a mountain wall back in 2005

Mini after paint

The Mini looking a lot better after new body panels, paint and a subframe

After a lot of soul searching Bill Richards and I have decided to have another crack at the Monte Carlo Historique rally so preparations for the 2008 event have started. Our altercation with a wall on the infamous Col de Turini 50Km from Monaco in 2005 left us both with a feeling of "unfinished business". I have gone back and forth as to whether to sell the car and hang up my driving gloves but a winter evening over dinner with Bill and a bottle or two of excellent shiraz persuaded me to have another go. Now, with certain big personal projects behind me I can focus on the event. The clock is running and we have just under eight months finish the rebuild and sort out the logistics. In future posts I'll describe our campaign plan. Hopefully this will be fun: watch this space...

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