Thursday, June 21, 2007

Goal Setting: 101 Things in 1001 Days

I got this idea from Caroline at Dai Kyo Soku Kei. These internet meme things can be a bit corny but I'm generally a sucker for them and in any case I love goal setting exercises. So here are 101 things I'm proposing to do or achieve in the next 1001 days. So according to Time and Date I have until March 15th, 2010 to get through this stuff. Actually the clock started running on Monday when I began to compile the list. You will note that one thing, yoga, is already done (started Monday, the same day as the list). Also items 87-100 are very tangible things but I don't want to put every detail of my personal and financial life on the internet. From time to time I'll publish an update on my progress.

1) Write book on Vaccines
2) Start a not-for-profit institute
3) Begin research to improve one existing vaccine
4) Get at least one diagnostic to market
5) Start developing an autoimmunity multiplex diagnostic
6) Obtain a new academic affiliation

Domestic and House Restoration

7) Build two car garage
8) Remodel kitchen and master bedroom
9) Remodel basement with additional bathroom and utility area
10) Set up a media room with quality A/V surround sound
11) Complete study decor
12) Paint in and out
13) Replace front lawn with patio
14) Plant ferns as groundcover
15) Install rear deck with Snorkel hot tub
16) Clear out basement
17) Set up a workbench (in basement)
18) Replace glass in all artwork with the UV absorbent kind


19) Visit Greece in 2007
20) Visit Zanzibar in 2008
21) Visit Hawaii in 2009 (July 22nd ) for total solar eclipse
22) Visit either Machu Picchu or Thailand
23) Plan visit to Loch Ness
24) Go to Victoria, British Columbia with Olivia
25) Go sea kayaking off the San Juan islands
26) Visit at least three new US states (there are 20 on the list)


27) Bring Jaguar E type in storage up to Seattle
28) Complete restoration of E type
29) Rebuild Mini Cooper
30) Find sponsors
31) Write article for MC2 Mini magazine
32) Attempt Monte Carlo Historique rally one more time
33) Bring Mini Cooper to USA, sell or commit to another MC rally
34) Compete in one West Coast road rally with daughter
35) Begin (if possible complete) book on classic car restoration
36) Investigate the purchase of a classic convertible

Martial Arts and Related Activities

37) Grade Shodan in aikido
38) Grade Shodan in iaido
39) Obtain a modern shinken for tameshigiri (sword cutting)
40) Obtain a modern shinken (already have antique) for kata only
41) Rewrap and change koshirae on modern shinken
42) Learn tameshigiri
43) Wrap and change koshirae on wakizashi
44) Continue logging training on Funbeat
45) Begin tai chi classes
46) Begin regular gym exercise regime for core strength
47) Start yoga classes

Other Sports
48) Scuba dive to PADI open water diver level
49) Learn to do a cartwheel
50) Learn to ride a horse
51) Learn to shoot a shotgun

52) Have my flute cleaned and serviced
53) Re-start semi-regular flute practice: all major and minor scales
54) Acquire a Fender Rhodes electric piano
55) Make plans for formation of a jazz group

56) Learn conversational Japanese

57) Make website for friend, Mel
58) Learn to use iMovie for slide shows and movie clips
59) Buy a new Intel core MacBook laptop and load it with Windows
60) Back up my computer properly on hard disk

Other Hobbies

61) Restore an 1849 pocket Colt revolver (family antique)
62) Purchase “Real Flight” r/c flight simulator, install on new Mac and practice
63) Learn to fly a real r/c model airplane
64) Build a semi-scale flying model of a De Havilland Mosquito
65) Go solo in an ultralight

Rampant Materialism
66) Acquire a high quality mechanical watch
67) Acquire an inflatable rubber boat with small outboard motor
68) Acquire a quality digital SLR camera


69) Complete James Joyce’s Ulysses
70) Complete Daniel Defoe’s Journal of a Plague Year
71) Read at least six other important books (not airport novels)


72) Maintain posting on blog
73) Meet a blogger in person
74) Print and self-publish blog (the first 5 years) for family and friends

75) Start sitting/zazen

Personal and Miscellaneous

76) Make digital scans of all family photographs
77) Make digital copies of all Dad’s 8mm cine films
78) Find and frame Dad’s degree certificates
79) Convert all LPs to CD format
80) Convert all CDs onto computer/iPod
81) Check all old floppys and transfer to hard disk
82) Commemorative photograph in boat with Olivia
83) Start plotting a family tree on GenesReunited
85) Send e-cards (with personalized letters) to all of my family and friends this Christmas
86) Throw a large party at my house and invite friends I haven’t seen for years
87-100) 14 personal and private goals not listed here


101) Donate $10 to UNICEF for every goal not met

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