Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Music Blogging: Blodwyn Pig

I wonder how many of you remember this great little combo? The lead guitarist, Mick Abrahams, was originally with Jethro Tull and played on their first and arguably best album, This Was, but then left the band following "creative differences" with Tull leader, Ian Anderson. The result of this bifurcation was Blodwyn Pig -a tremendous blues band which apart from Mick featured the astonishingly good Jack Lancaster on sax and flute. I saw them at least once at the Gin Mill, Godalming, c1970 and I think again at a festival somewhere but it's all a blur now. The Blodwyns hung around the club/university scene for about five years before fragmenting and were moderately successful. After a 30 year hiatus, I'm glad to say they have recently reformed although I somehow doubt they'll be touring the USA. Mick Abrahams remains the only rockstar with whom I've been in email contact (bless you, Mick). Above is a wonderful clip of the group performing on the BBC's sadly defunct Top of the Pops.

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