Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scratch 'n' Sniff

Gourmet pencil

Last week I was persuaded to make one of the most frivolous purchases of my life (OK, OK, I admit I bought a U2 album in 1982 but I was very young at the time). A young lady at the cash register of a shop specialising in filing cabinets and similar merchandise persuaded me that I needed a gourmet scented PENCIL! So I duly purchased, for the grand sum of $1.25, a hazelnut latte flavoured item. It really is very pungent and if I leave it outside of its airtight storage container for more than a couple of minutes the whole room takes on the aroma of a coffee bar. I also start craving a grande, decaff, triple shot, non-fat, hazelnut latte with sugar-free syrup. I suspect the pencil manufacturer is in league with Starbucks. And do you know what the clincher in low key sales patter was? The sales person said to me as I was contemplating the variously flavoured pencils with some incredulity "...I love them; I bought one to take to my nutrition finals!"

There's one born every minute...

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