Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Monte Carlo Historique Rally 2006: Final Results

MCH 2006 rally results 2

Well here are the final, official, results. Porsches occupy the first three places and four of the top 10 spots. The highest ranked Mini was 38th although I note that as with 2005, the Col de Turini stage was won by a Cooper (well done to car no. 78 driven by Albuzza and Colpani for upholding the honours). Judging by the enormous time penalties -97 minutes by the outright winners, 138+ minutes by the 10th placed car, the weather conditions must have been chaotic. My analysis seems to be borne out by the fact that only 252 cars out of an original 363 starters were classified at the end of the final stage. Geoff O'nion and David Wilkinson finished bravely in 222 place and Peter Barker and Willy Cave manged to claw their way up to 149 which was a gallant fight back from their upset on the Classification Stage. I'll try to talk to Geoff O'nion in the next few days and get some first hand reports so watch this space for a bit more commentary.Now I'm off to plot how Mad Dog rallying is going to compete in the 2007 event...

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