Friday, July 29, 2005

A Plague on All of This...

I am slaving away trying to finish this bloody plague vaccine grant and feeeling a bit worn down by deadlines. Sometime in the middle of the night I turned to Google for some light relief and found a couple of interesting items:

1. I note that the "Plague and Pox Week" exhibit at Warwick Castle passed me by a few months back, unfortunately. It promised, "A light-hearted look at disease and death in the middle ages...putrid plague, pox and pestilence...oozing puss, scabby pox, crazy cures and yuck-making medicines". How could anyone have missed that...?

2. While I'm busy designing a high-tech vaccine with a concomitantly high budget, some entrepreneur is selling these nifty mediaeval plague protection masks (see below)for a very reasonable $150. As worn by all fashionable physicians in London, c1665. A pity it didn't do them much good.

Only thee days to go until the deadline: wish me luck...

Plague Protection Mask

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