Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Monte Carlo Historique Rallye 2006

Citroen poster

Well here's a bit of excitement to brighten the gloom of the past few days as well as distract (naughty) from grant writing. The Automobile Club de Monaco has just announced the preliminary route for the 9th Monte Carlo Historique rally. At first sight it looks like a very different route from previous years cutting through the Loire valley rather than going through the Ardeche. Also I note that every night stop is Parc Ferme (closed park)so there will be no servicing or repairs permitted once we reach our destination for each day. The grant factory doesn't allow me to get too distracted at this moment, unfortunately but I'll post a preliminary analysis nex week.

Now I must give our Team Manager, Jim Wirtz, a call and point out that he and Juliette have room bookings to make...

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