Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog Updates

I’ve made a few changes to the links on the left-hand side of the blog. I’ve removed connections to some underperforming or defunct sites and added a few more. I’ve also added two new sections “London and the UK” which is there for reasons of purely self-indulgent nostalgia and “Science and Scientists” which reflects my professional interests. Anyway here are some brief descriptions of my latest “recommendations”.

Life Under the Microscope
A (female, I think) scientist working for the National Health Service in the UK who hopes to say sane by blogging. Having worked in the NHS I think it will take a bit more than some on-line ranting but that’s just my view. In any case I applaud her efforts.

Ramblings of a Scientist
An astute British biochemist. Winner of my last Spot-the-Bug competition.

An insightful female ex-pat American biologist living in Edinburgh.


Monkeys for Helping
Surreal and bizarre!

Twenty Major
Outrageously scatological Irish blogger (actually I suspect there is more than one person involved) who is uproariously funny and deeply offensive in equal measure. I find this blog quite compelling, probably because it appeals to my puerile sense of humour; go there at your peril and don’t blame me if you don’t like it.

Emerald Bile
Co-authored by Noreen, who purports to be residing in Tunisia and Ball Bag who I infer is somewhere in Ireland. Same comments as for Twenty Major.

The Rockall Times
Named after the barren outcrop of rock and sea area in the North Atlantic (you know like “Rockall, Bailey, Malin and Hebrides”). Very funny newspaper-style site with the tagline “there’s fuck all on Rockall.


The Londonist
A blog from a London resident. Professionally rendered and quite newsy in a sort of Evening Standard way. Carries a little too much advertising for my taste but nevertheless enjoyable.

Going Underground
Who would think a blog about the London Underground (Tube or Metro to non-UK readers) could be so compelling…?

Good political satire.

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