Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Stone the Crows -My Site Traffic has Doubled!

Today is just a quick note. Once again I blame pressure of work. But before I say anything else, if you arrived here looking for salacious pictures of female TV celebs just scroll down a bit although you may be disappointed with what you find...

To everyone else I should say that my experiment with site traffic has succeeded. The number of hits has doubled in the last three days. Amazing! And this is not due to my writing prowess on matters about theoconservative politics, camshaft profiles or other such erudite matters. Most of the visits are due to Google searches looking for pert property programme presenters. Indeed at one point yesterday Mad Dogs and Englishmen was the second listing on Google for the keyword string "Sarah Beeney Pictures". Note the subtle plug, I've got that name in again!

Actually I feel it's a bit of a cheap trick. And I'm not sure what I think of a lot of voyeuristic types pawing through these pages -look, just don't touch anything, OK!

I promise I’ll have something more substantial to say tomorrow.

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