Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mad Dog Rallying -Out of Hibernation

Hard driving
The Mad Dog Rallying Mini Cooper leads a Lancia Fulvia on the 2005 Monte Carlo Historique Rally

Of late I’ve been too distracted with work and host of other issues to give much thought to rallying. Even the blog has become somewhat more serious than usual and I hope all you Mini aficionados haven’t given up on me. So yesterday it occurred to me that we were nearly halfway through the year and it will soon be time to give very serious consideration to the 2006 Monte Carlo Historique rally. Indeed as far as sponsorship overtures are concerned it’s time to get going now. I duly cobbled together a budget that includes one full reconnaissance of the rally route by Bill Richards and me in December and TWO service vehicles on the event (one 4x4 for the service work per se and one spotter car to check out road conditions). Damn, it’s going to be expensive! But if we want to be contenders for a class win and an overall high position then there is no alternative. All the front runners are very well prepared and extremely serious. I duly emailed the figures to Bill. As yet I’ve had no reply from The Eccentric One; if I don’t hear from him within a couple of days I’ll give him a call.

I’ll keep you all posted as plans take shape…

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