Sunday, September 28, 2014

That Obscure Object of Desire

For my readers who are musically inclined and especially those who gravitate towards electric guitars, here's something that might pique your interest. My pal, Shawn Demots, is a well-established luthier in the Seattle metro area and has been repairing, setting up and modifying guitars for many years. Now he's decided to start building his own instruments and recently I've had the pleasure playing one. This particular one, in fact.  It's gorgeous, plays beautifully and is totally bad-ass. Needless to say it has terrific tone. Basic specs are in the pics below.  So if you fancy a unique, hand crafted, "Heathen" guitar instead of the ubiquitous, mass marketed, big names, drop Shawn a line or give him a call  (his contact details are at the bottom of the post). 

The guitar has a 22 fret neck with a 24.75" scale length: its tones are warm but it is also capable of delivering lovely ringing sustained notes.

The instrument is fitted with Lollar Imperial Humbucker pickups: the neck pickup  is the "Peter Green" model which can be switched to be out of phase with the bridge pickup and gives a very distinctive tone.

The body is hand-carved mahogany and is finished with nitrocellulose: no tone killing polyurethane here!

The mahogany neck is set through rather than bolt on: the finger board is ebony, the tuners are top-of-the-line Schaller.

The instrument has a beautifully carved headstock and a bone nut. "Heathen": remember the name!

If you fancy one of these hand-made beauties you can contact Shawn at:
Alternatively you can phone him on +1-360-540-8172 (tell him I sent you).

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