Thursday, September 18, 2014

Captain Corelli's Island

Assos, Kefalonia. The village nestles on a little isthmus and the bay is overlooked by an ancient Venetian fort.

There's nowhere like Greece to lower the blood pressure. I've taken myself off to Captain Corelli's Island (Kefalonia) for a few days of R&R. Honestly I could easily extend this time to a few weeks, months or even years -such is the magic of this Ionian paradise. Here are a few pics for your perusal:

The Melissani cave known as "the cave of nymphs" in Greek mythology features an underground lake.

The roof caved in some 3000 years ago: the lake is part of an underground river that flows to the sea.

The Drogarati Caves are very different from those at Melissani.  This huge underground  cavern is full of stalemates and stalactites and is so big music concerts are held there.

Amazing stalactites in the Drogarati Cavern. Both stalagmites and stalactites are still forming and the caves are considered to be geologically 'living'.

Well, where did you think all that feta cheese came from...? Kefalonia has thousands of goats roaming freely over the island.

The moon seen through the balcony door of an abandoned house. Damage from the catastrophic earthquake of 1953 is still  very much in evidence.

I named this little fellow adopted me and I named him "Oedipuss" -it seemed like a fitting name for a Greek cat  seeking a parental figure.

A rainbow and a pot of gold at sea? Greece is so rich in mythology that anything is possible.

I could get used to this life! Drinking my morning coffee in this waterside cafe is a simple but rare delight.

P.S.  Archaeological artifacts are commonplace in Greece but the island holds some modern historical remnants of particular interest to me...I'll reveal all in a subsequent post but below is a teaser to pique your interest.
If any reader can tell me what this is I'll buy them a beverage of choice (and saying it's a ring off a compass is not enough!).

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