Friday, October 30, 2009

What We Did on Our Holidays. Part 3: The other "Monte"

If you've been reading my previous posts, you will know that I spent much of July of this year preparing for the NW Classic Rally. This event is run by the Oregon Alfa Romeo club and has established itself as one of the most popular Time Speed Distance or Regularity rallys for classic cars in the US. The objective is not to race but maintain precise average speeds (although I can't deny a little, er hum, spirited driving does occur). Overall, while being a serious event, it's great fun and has none of the brutal challenges of something like the Monte Carlo Historique. Interestingly the rally's major sponsor is Portland Jaguar dealer, Monte Shelton, so I came to refer to it as "The other Monte...". Below is a photo essay of this year's 21st NW Classic. The less said about the results the better, but it was Olivia's first rally and our first together as a team. In addition the rules are a lot different from the Monte Carlo and we were on a steep learning curve. But we had a great time, made new friends and most of all zoomed about with the spectacularly beautiful Oregon countryside with great panache in our Great Green Cat...

Note: additional photos from Chuck Goolsbee, Olivia Morrow and the NW Classic Rally organization.

The "Shaguar" dressed up to prior to leaving for Portland

We meet up with another E type custodian and blogger from the Seattle area, Chuck Goolsbee, along with his co-driver father, and drive to Portland in convoy

scrutineering i
MD applies stickers prior to technical scrutineering. Olivia supervises

Mel Muzio and team did a great job in preparing the car -thanks again, Mel

Stickered up and ready for the start

olivia in e
Olivia is excited

Start finish
The Start in downtown Portland

looking mean
Off and running at last -the E type is moody and purposeful

Fighting the elements and motoring hard behind the clock

Olivia is determined to make up time

O on gas
Her right foot is well in...

Getting ready for a loop around the high desert on Day 2

clipping the apex
Clipping an apex

Lunch break
Lunch stop (i)

Lunch stop (ii) -that gorge is spectacular

Lunch break 2
Lunch stop (iii) -how many cars can you name? [Not you, CG]

at roadside
Waiting for our off time at the start of yet another regularity section

E with BNSF
If a train leaves a station and travels at an average speed of 50mh and a car driving in the opposite direction leaves a checkpoint at 47mph, at what time will they...?

MD team happy
MD team happy: we'll be back next year!

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