Monday, February 14, 2005

The Support Crew: some insubstantial words of thanks

Before I say any more about the rally I must acknowledge the efforts of our intrepid support crew. Juliette, Jim and Steffan from the Luxembourg Mini Club (Might Mini Frenn) were our guardian angels for nearly a week. In this time they acted as mechanics, refuellers, navigators, travel agents,logisticians, strategists, caterers, translators, administrators, metereologists, psychologists, rescuers and general minders. They were out in freezing weather at all hours either checking the car and the route ahead. They never once complained despite driving their own rally and were probably under more stress than the either Bill or myself. Furthermore they were always cheerful and encouraging. I can never really thank them enough. Actually I belive Bill and I will try to express our gratitude by doing the rally again next year (yes, guys, we'll need you again in 2006) and show them that we can really live up to our potential and that their faith in us was justified.
So once again a big "THANK YOU" and a toast to " year in Monte Carlo!".


P.S. And Jim, please do send me that hotel bill.

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