Friday, February 25, 2005

Snow Over the Potomac

Snow on the Potomac
I've really had enough of snow this year. I'm currently in Washington DC on a grant review study section: a duty that I perform three times a year. Yesterday it snowed all day. The Potomac looked very pretty. I attempted to capture the scene with the naff camera built into my phone. I wasn't very successful but here's a pic for your viewing pleasure (a good reason to not spend money on excessively complicated gadget-laden mobiles that don't do anything particularly well). I wonder if I'll be able to escape to Seattle this evening? I really don't want to be snowbound here until tomorrow...

Curiously I'm staying at the Watergate Hotel. The place which was the focal point of Tricky Dicky's political demise in the 1970s. I will restrain myself from comparing our Lords and Masters then and now as my blood pressure won't take it and in any case I don't have time.

Final reports on the rally will appear in the next few days. Please be patient.


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