Friday, December 17, 2004

Paying Respects

Pirbright Churchyard
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Technically I'm now back in the USA. However given my hectic schedule while in Europe as well as the dearth of free wireless hotspots I'm a little behind on my postings. There are a couple of topics related to the UK I want to add to the site so bear with me while I catch up.

The first thing I must mention is a trip to "visit" my now sadly long gone parents in Pirbright churchyard. Pirbright is a delightful village in Surrey. It's close to where I grew up and I always love visiting the place. It has two pubs, a corner shop, a post office and an elementary school or more or less aligned around a large green which is home to a duck pond and a cricket pitch. I always love visiting the place. The churchyard is especially evocative. Not only are my parents buried there but the graveyard is also the resting place of Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer who uttered the immortal and extraordinarily understated words "Dr Livingstone, I presume..." on discovering the latter in darkest Africa after many months of searching. Dr Stanley's grave is marked by a very impressive piece of rock which I understand was hewn from a site in Matebeland (I think). In any case I always enjoy my pilgrimages to Pirbright -the ambience of the church and its grounds is poignant and quite lovely. Hard to believe that Mum has been there for nearly 13 years and Dad for 27. I always feel I'm communing with them when I visit and I find the experience uplifting. Not at all depressing as some of my friends seem to think.

After my trip to Pirbright I continued my journey to the West Country and Plymouth: keep checking this site to follow the story.


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