Sunday, September 06, 2015

Cardiff: A Tale of Two Cities

The author in Southern California beach mode and getting ready to wax down his surfboard.

Cardiff-by-the-What??? Sea of course! Hopefully the scene makes it obvious. At the time of the photo I wasn't in possession of a decent selfie-taking camera and I couldn't get the composition exact. Never mind. The point is that in my youth (four undergraduate years, to be precise) I was a resident of Cardiff, UK.  Or to be even more precise, Cardiff, Wales.  In my middle years I spent the best part of a decade in San Diego county quite near the delightful coastal town of Cardiff (by-the-Sea). I love both places to bits but as you can probably guess they don't have much in common. Cardiff, South Glamorgan has great music, rugby, a world class university, a fantastic castle and centuries of tradition and culture. Cardiff, Southern California has surfing, fish tacos, the Pacific Ocean and an absence on the streets of eight-pint-puddles of regurgitated Brain's Dark mixed with egg vindaloo curry. Magic stuff!   Hwyl fawr am nawr!

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