Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Three-Year-Old

Olivia at 30 with stalwart partner and fiancé, Giulio* 
Apparently my three year-old-daughter has inexplicably turned 30. My geriatric grey matter is having cognitive dissonance about this milestone event  -it seems just yesterday when she was frolicking in the waves like this...(bugger! -where did three decades go?)...

Olivia, Stinson Beach, California c1986/7

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

*Photo purloined shamelessly from her FB page -my thanks to the unknown photographer.


Liv said...

ohh daddyo I love you so much! sorry for the 30 years of pointless worrying and anxiety I have given you, you will always be my hero.

Mad Dog said...

Sweetie, the worrying wasn't pointless -just a standard part of the parenting job description. I think it paid off, too (the worrying, that is). Love, Dad