Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Triumphs 2013 (i)

Chris about to demonstrate his formidable double handed backhand stroke

When I launched this blog nine years ago, one of my very early posts trumpeted the academic successes being achieved by my brother's brood of offspring.  Back then, his youngest lad, Christopher, was a sturdy and cheerful fellow who took delight in knocking a tennis ball around. Well this trait developed (to say the least) and Chris is now ranked by the Lawn Tennis Association as County Champion and no. 3 in the UK for boys aged 18 and under. I  should mention that he is only just 17 and this rank was achieved when he was 16!  I should also mention that Chris is no slouch in terms of academic ability and is currently sitting his GCSE exams and already receiving some tantalizing invitations from US universities. Go Chris! I'm hoping that in another 9 years I'll be writing about a Wimbledon champion.

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