Friday, July 27, 2007

Points of Clarification (Hopefully)

Light Sabre
Mad Dog's Weaponry

Sorry my last post may have been a little cryptic. Several people have asked what I was up to. Well the photo was supposed to show me "duelling with a light sabre". These devices were an amusing and completely functionless giveaway by a large pharmaceutical company. Despite the lack of practical use, confrerence attendees were snapping these things up by the truckload, including your humble author. Sad how a little flashing blue light thingy can have adults scrambling to grab samples like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Oh and if anyone is curious, the term koshi refers to part of a martial arts technique. It's Japanese for "hip" and means that hip movement should be emphasised in certain forms to increase their power. A good example can be seen here. It's a standard point of correction for any iaido student.

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