Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Bloody Potter

Harry Potter and Squeeze about to fall down a mineshaft (hopefully).

What is it about Harry Potter? I have absolutely no problem with children forking out £18/$36 for the book or Jo Rowling being the first dollar billionaire for writing fiction. What really gets my goat is adults reading it. Why? It's a children's book for crying out loud. Nearly 10 years ago a friend kindly bought me one of the first in the series: "Harry Potter and the Golden Cow Pat" or something. It was ok but my opinion was that it was mediocrely written fantasy set against a backdrop of romanticized 1950's England. The target reading age is 11 and Tolkien it is not.

I suppose I mostly rail against adults poring over children's literature because it seems to represent a dumbing down of reading skills. There's a wealth of much better written adult literature out there. Like Hemingway or something similar involving alcohol.

I gather there are deaths in the latest Potter iteration and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole cast have fallen down a mineshaft and will never darken our bookshelves again.

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