Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In the Nation's Capitol

Iced up 2.13.07
This was the iced-up view from the window of MD's airbus at Washington Dulles airport on his trip back from Ireland and the UK exactly one month ago; hopefully the weather will have improved considerably by tomorrow...

Mad Dog is stressed out. He's currently in Washington DC reviewing research grants for the National Institutes of Health (that's the US government for those of you not in the trade). The last week has been spent reading grant applications which have been of patchy merit. There's been no time to consider any personal activities such as rallying, duelling and other related manly and relaxing activities. Tomorrow (Wednesday) he's on his way back to Seattle and that sword (see previous post) is going to be ordered as a small personal reward -and possibly something to do with the anticipated, massive, honorarium of $200 for reviewing the above applications (works out to about $4.00 an hour; i.e. about half the minimum wage).

P.S. According to blogspot statistics, this is my 300th post since I started blogging.

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