Friday, January 12, 2007

Vend it like Beckham

david beckham

The New Year has started with some remarkable developments in the world of sports. The number of column inches devoted to the England cricket team's annihilation by Australia and the subsequent loss of The Ashes has already been exceeded by the announcement of David Beckham's move to the USA. It was even the front lead story on today's New York Times. Now why anyone would pay $250,000 million for a 31 year old midfielder who was quite overated at his peak (c2002) is beyond me. I presume that marketing rather than football is the driving force in the deal and all this talk about "branding" and promoting the "David Beckham Image" is getting on my nerves. I won't rant on about deification of celebrities and such because my blood pressure won't take it. Unfortunately I'm just going to steel myself about the prospect of seeing pictures of Posh and Becks saturating the commercial media while hawking all kinds of consumer frippery. Oh well...I'm off to have a G&T and contemplate seeing a publicist about marketing the Mad Dog Image! LOL!

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