Sunday, January 28, 2007

Monte Carlo Historique Rally 2007: Progress Report 1

In true petrolhead fashion, I've been glued to the Automobile Club de Monaco's website as the results of the 10th Monte Carlo Historic Rallye are posted. Notes are as follows:

After the Concentration Run, a non-competetive but gruelling 800Km+ overnight slog from the various European start points to Saint Etienne in the Ardeche, 14 of the original 319 crews had abandoned the event.

Today is the first truly competitive day of rallying. Traditionally this is known as the Classification Run: the results of the first five regularity stages dictating the running order for the rest of the event.

At the end of the fifth and final regularity stage, BRR customer and former Cooper Car Co cronies, Geoff O'nion and co-driver David Wilkinson were running 65th overall and second in class in Geoff's fabulous 997cc Mini Cooper. Peter Barker and Willy Cave in the seemingly immortal 977 ARX Mini Cooper were running 81st overall and fourth in class behind the Mini Cooper S mounted crew of Castelein and Schamp. A Porsche 911 driven by the Spanish crew of Ortiz de Zarate and Gonzalez is in the overall lead. The highest placed Mini is in 39th place and driven by the Danish crew of Kristofferson and Arp although this is a more contemporary car than those of O'nion/Wilkinson and Barker/Cave and thus in a different class.

I'll post more result as the come in -in the meantime I've posted a clip (3 of 8) of the 2004 MCH.

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