Monday, July 24, 2006

Thoughts of Far Off Lands

Corfu 1972
Mad Dog in Corfu, July 1972

With the Big Personal Project and a few other things, 2006 has been a fairly challenging year and I'm starting to ache for a decent holiday. I really envy the tradition of European vacations where families decamp to a Mediterranean destination or similar and just hang out for three weeks. There is no sense of such things over here which is both unenlightened and a shame. I get two weeks (that is 10 working days) paid leave a year and that's it. Devotees of this blog will know that the Greece is one of my favourite spots on the planet: I've been in love with the place since I first visited 35 years ago (see above for gratuitious nostalgia photo). Next month I'm going to take a week off and hang around in California. It will be fun but I'm hoping that I can get back to an island in the Ionian Sea in the not too distant future...

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