Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is it Just Me...?

Pink cannon

Some time ago, I spotted this pink-barreled cannon on the mean streets of Bellevue (no that's not the lunatic asylum that Bruce Springsteen sings about so poetically -this is Bellevue, Washington; a middle class suburb with the charisma of a boiled cabbage). Now is it just me that finds this odd bit of iconry profoundly disturbing? I mean it's not outside a nightclub, singles bar or anything like that: it's in the parking lot of a bank of all things. Now what the hell is that about? I was tempted to speculate that it was a metaphor for the bank's attitude towards customer relations but that would almost certainly result in a lawsuit and me living in penury for the rest of my life so I'll refrain. Anybody got any suggestions...?

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