Monday, January 30, 2006

Monte Carlo Historique Rally 2006: Progress Report 2

geoff down col
Geoff O'nion "parking" on the 2001 Winter Challenge rally: amazingly he completed the event.

I'm worried. This morning when I checked the ACM site, Geoff O'nion and David Wilkinson were running 40th overall and first in class; a great result for a 997cc Cooper which gives away 300cc to other cars in its group. That was after the first regularity run of the day -the St. Laurent en Royans to La Chapelle en Vercors. On the second stage the crew had fallen back to 153 place overall and incurred more than 4000 penalty points. Something obviously went wrong and looking at the fortunes of other crews I'd guess that the weather was probably to blame. However I'm more concerned that Geoff and David have not even recorded times for the next two regularity stages. Furthermore they are not on the "retired" list. I hope they are ok. Geoff is a very able rally driver and a noted "hard charger". Please keep your fingers crossed...

PS MD would be grateful for any more detailed information anyone has on the event. Please email me if you can help.

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