Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mad Dog's Morning... typical!


Today I got off to a bad start and I'm now lurking behind my desk hoping no one will hold an unscheduled meeting that requires me to move in the next hour. So what exactly is the issue?

Well it's still raining in Seattle and on my way in to work I thought I'd cheer myself up with a cup of coffee so I duly headed off to the local Starbucks drive-through. Now it may be that I brought the following incident on myself as I'm fundamentally opposed to the dispensation of comestibles by drive-through means (i) the potential for error is high and you are miles away before you realise that you received someone else's (invariably disgusting) order; (ii) it's usually slower than parking, going into the place and ordering at the counter; (iii) it promotes laziness and unnecessary use of cars and (iv) I generally try to support the independent coffee shops. But hell, it was raining hard so I ignored my rules, zoomed up to the window and ordered my beverage. Unfortunately I should have listened to my inner voices as this visit proved no exception to the rule. As the barista passed me my coffee, the cup (a grande) clonked the window frame, knocking the lid off and half of the hand-crafted, decaffinated, non-fat, cappuccino was deposited in my lap. The discomfort to my nether regions was nothing compared my embarrassment at the prospect of looking like an incontinent old fart. The barista fussed and apologised profusely, possibly thinking I would bring a multi-million dollar law suit aginst her (now there's a thought), gave me a zillion paper napkins and topped up my drink. I then completed my journey and slunk into work, making sure my raincoat was buttoned up. So now I'm sitting at my desk feeling more than a bit damp and hoping I'll dry out in the very near future. Typical!

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