Saturday, November 20, 2004

Queen of Sky

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I've been following the blog of Ellen Simonetti (aka "Queen of Sky"). This diary is compelling for several reasons:
1) Although the commentary isn't particularly heavyweight, it is witty and engaging and concerns Ms Simonetti's alter ego, Queen of Sky, who is a flight attendant for Anonymous Airlines.
2) Ms Simonetti made the "mistake" of being photographed, in her flight attendant's uniform, in mildly risque poses, and consequently was fired by her real life employers, Delta Airlines.
3) The QoS site, has had a phenomenal number of hits over the last couple of weeks. While the majority of comments have been supportive, QoS has also attracted a large number of creepy, bigoted, misogynistic and right wing morons who have posted an extraordinary amount of nasty hate mail. Some of this is due to the fact that Ms Simonetti is open in her support for the Democratic party.

Overall, I feel Ms Simonetti is worthy of support. Although her photos may have been a little ill-advised, she most certainly shouldn't have lost her job, health care benefits etc. and is the victim of the worst kind of corporate bullying. But more than that she is an example of how big business can stiffle semi-private spleen venting from the blogging community. Please check out her site and leave an intelligent, supportive note.


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